Stop bitching

I need to follow my own rules and stop bitching. It is so draining and emotional. I think we live in a culture of complainers and it has gotten worse. I recently read a story about people in New Hampshire who liken themselves to Robin Hood. They feed parking meters that are expired- what a nice small gesture but like anything that is nice there is a dark side. Now New Hampshire wants to sue them because they aren’t getting money for parking tickets. What the hell is wrong with this world. Everyone feels entitled to an opinion about something- even if it has nothing to do with them. Take for instance gay marriage- people fight about and argue and waste so much energy. Who cares what you do in your own bedroom? Stop using the bible as an excuse… divorce isn’t allowed, neither is adultery, lying, stealing and a plethora of other sins. If we lived by biblical standards tonight I would be BBQ ing in my back yard and later for pure entertainment, smiting my neighbor as many people cheered and screamed with delight.  I would probably have to smite both of my parents as well as my husband since they have all been divorced. I guess I could do a 3 for 1 special with drinks; however, I don’t think overindulgence would be allowed. 

Instead of bitching we should be changing. Changing the way we do things. My best friend, who believe it or not has chosen the name Sugartits for this blog, has slowly taught me over the years it just isn’t worth it. Trust me I have no idea why she chose that name but if she can live with it than so can I. We should focus on the things that matter, like poverty, unemployment, and just simply being kind. The world is harsh enough. Recently Ben Affleck issued a challenge to live on a $1.50 per day… I think the challenge should be to be nice for a day. Don’t yell “Fuck you,” to the person who cuts you off in traffic. Don’t mutter under your breath about lazy people when you see someone homeless. Instead, just enjoy the ride in the car and give something even it is small. Maybe instead of being so closed we should be more open. We want our children to learn good values- guess where it starts at home, not in school, not on the television or from a book. Yep, that’s right at home. 

There will always be a negative to talk about… try and focus on the positive.


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