Falling down…

One of my worst habits is laughing hysterically when someone falls. I can’t help myself; I find it hilarious. I don’t discriminate either, it can be an older person, a child, friend or family member. One of the best falls I ever saw was on a cool autumn day in the Mc Donald’s drive-thru. I was getting my food and I saw a boy, about five come out of Mc Donalds carrying a jack-o-lantern pumpkin happy meal. He was swinging it, laughing and giggling. Then he fell. The pumpkin flew across the parking lot, fries scattered and the boy just stared with his mouth open. There was no reaction… I just busted out laughing. Most people think this is a horrible trait but I think it just shows my social awkwardness. He slowly picked himself off of the ground, gathered the remains of the few fry soldiers who had survived and got in the car. He didn’t even cry. Even now I still laugh at this incident and find it funny.

To me the falling can happen by anyone, anywhere. One time at the Cleveland Zoo with Sugartits, my best friend, who has chosen this name,  fell in front of the polar bear exhibit. I have no idea what she was doing nor do I know why she probably was wearing heels. I think it is making up for a height insecurity she has; however, I was looking at the bears and turned around and… she was on the ground. She was just laying there. “What the hell happened?” I asked. Calmly, as she was pulling herself up from her pavement slumber she replied, “you pushed me down with your mind.” Ah if only I had that ability. It was one of the most glorious moments or when she fell at her brother’s wedding, down her house stairs. There have been a variety of stair issues so far in my life. Oh the joy.



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