Life on the move

It’s been awhile since I have posted. I guess life has gotten in the way. So we made the move to Sarasota, Fl and OMG no one ever told me how difficult it would be. Approaching forty is harder than I thought. I am realizing life is harder than I thought. I was always one of the lucky ones; I am resourceful; however, in Florida I don’t feel that way. The first time I found a wolf spider in my house I freaked out and called my husband to kill it. For those of you who don’t know a wolf spider is a freak of nature that is hairy and jumps. They are horrific creatures but won’t kill you. I had always wanted to move and to live somewhere else. I guess no one mentions that you take the same baggage with you. All of the things that bothered you before will continue to bother you even though your belongings are being crammed into a small pod. I thought I was deconstructing my life. Getting rid of the unwanted, making room for more memories, yet as I sit in paradise the same notions still plague my mind. I don’t regret moving. It is one of my passions- to travel and see the world. I just wish at almost forty life would have given me a little hint as to how hard it would be; however, the journey is the reward so here we go…


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